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The 47 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's wild national emergency declaration

President Donald Trump crossed a major threshold on Friday, declaring a national emergency at our southern border in order to take money allocated for other ...

Aurora shooter Gary Martin passed 2 gun background checks despite felony conviction

The disgruntled worker who killed five people in Aurora, Ill., last week after being fired had passed two gun background checks five years ago, despite a criminal ...

Alec Baldwin Asks Whether Donald Trump’s ‘SNL’ Tweet Is “A Threat To My Safety And That Of My Family?”

Alec Baldwin has responded to President Trump's angry retort to the latest Saturday Night Live episode by asking whether the language used by the President ...

Trump lashes out at 'treasonous' officials after McCabe interview

US President Donald Trump has issued an angry response after a TV interview on Sunday alleged that officials had held discussions to have him removed.

Five bystanders shot during police shootout with armed suspect

Police said five people waiting at a downtown New Orleans bus stop were shot and wounded during a shootout between officers and an armed robbery suspect ...

Salt Lake City police are searching for a man seen on video assaulting a gay man

A video circulating on Twitter shows a man hitting another man in Salt Lake City after asking if he was gay, reports the CBS affiliate there, KUTV. In the video, the ...

Wisconsin governor announces proposal to decriminalize marijuana possession, legalize medical use

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers announced on Monday a proposal that would overhaul the state's marijuana laws, legalizing the drug's medical use, decriminalizing ...

Florida boy arrested after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance in class

The 11-year-old's arrest over the Pledge of Allegiance is an example of the school-to-prison pipeline in action.

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