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There's a sobering truth to Trump's racist tweets that we don't like to admit

President Trump's critics may not like to admit it, but there's an element of truth in his racist tweets: The four Democratic congresswomen he criticized live in a ...

Follow Jeffrey Epstein's money: Accused child sex trafficker has $56.4 million cash, even more in hedge funds, real estate, stocks

Jeffrey Epstein has a ton of cash on hand — but the accused child sex trafficker has even more more money tied up in hedge funds, private equity plays and real ...

Yosemite to restore names to historic attractions under $12-million settlement

The National Park Service reached a $12-million settlement in a legal battle over the names of Yosemite's historic attractions.

Immigrant rights group decries new Trump asylum restrictions as 'most egregious,' 'extreme' to date

Immigrant rights advocates denounced the Trump administration's latest move to restrict asylum as the “most egregious” and “extreme” policy yet.

'Go Back Where You Came From': The Long Rhetorical Roots Of Trump's Racist Tweets

When the president told several young congresswomen of color to "go back" to where they came from, he borrowed nativist language about as old as the country ...

What would happen if Donald and Melania Trump got a divorce?

No first couple has divorced while in the White House, but President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump have sparked rumors for years.

South Bend police officer who fatally shot black man resigns

Ryan O'Neill resigned from the South Bend Police Department on Monday, weeks after fatally shooting Eric Jack Logan, a black man suspected of breaking into ...

New York City Blackout Caused by Power Grid’s Protection System Failing

The blackout that plunged a swath of Manhattan in darkness on Saturday evening started with a faulty cable on the Upper West Side, utility officials said Monday.

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